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Coastal Nature
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Cam River Reserve

The Cam River Reserve

Popular with locals in summer, fishermen regularly frequent the riverbanks in search of a great catch. Small boats, kayaks, sailboards and canoes can be launched from the boat ramp. Families enjoy picnics at the tables and barbecues provided while the pirate ship playground is perfect for the kids.


Gutteridge Gardens and Wynyard Wharf

Located side-by-side these two attractions provide a great place to rest and recharge. Against the backdrop of the Inglis River Estuary the garden and wharf pathways are perfect for walking and cycling while the garden’s seating areas offer a great place for a picnic lunch. The Wynyard Wharf’s $1.65 million upgrade in 2012 has delivered a fantastic recreational pontoon - perfect for fishing when the tide is right.


Table Cape

The magnificent plateau of Table Cape is by far Wynyard’s most remarkable natural wonder. Sitting at 180 metres high ‘The Cape’, as locals refer to it, dominates the Wynyard coastline and offers spectacular views of Tasmania’s island coast and agricultural farmlands. As you climb the remains of a 12 million year-old volcano by car you’ll reach a viewing platform where, on a clear day, your sights can reach George Town’s Low Head and nearby mountain ranges over 175 km away.


Doctors Rocks

This is Wynyard’s premier spot to capture a Tasmanian sunset. The basalt headland and foreshore can be accessed either on entry to or exit from Wynyard’s Old Bass Highway. In the right light and tide it’s a fantastic for:
- Views of the earth’s interior minerals;
- Fossicking for gold; and
- Fishing for squid, leather jacket and rock cod.

Fossil Bluff, Wynyard

Fossil Bluff

For the geological buff these amazing sandstone cliffs are over 23 million years old and offer a rare insight into fossils. It’s the discovery site of Australia’s oldest fossil marsupial uncovered in the mid 19th century. Visitors can expect to see and touch several hundred different types of fossils preserved in the rocks – see how many you can find!
To preserve this natural wonder during your visit please remember to leave the area as you find it.


Boat Harbour and Sisters Beach

Known for its picturesque beach and quiet location, Boat Harbour has long been a popular holiday spot for locals. Whether it’s exploring the rock pools at low tide, snorkelling in its crystal blue waters or enjoying the view with a picnic, ‘Boatie’ is second to none.
Off the beaten track and surrounded by the spectacular Rocky Cape National Park, Sisters Beach is a hidden beachside getaway for locals. The easy water access from East Boulevard car park and the boat ramp at Irby Avenue makes boating, fishing, swimming and diving are popular pastimes with locals.