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Wanted: Modern Day Pioneer

Philosophers Falls couple walking

Town of Waratah seeking 21st Century ‘Philosopher’ Smith

In 1871, a lone man by the name of James ‘Philosopher’ Smith found tin in the remote, unforgiving wilderness in North-West Tasmania. It was a discovery that was to change the fortunes of the entire State, and the town of Waratah was to become the central hub for prosperity and riches beyond anything imaginable by the most optimistic of prospectors and dreamers.


Giants of the North-West waterways

Lobster Ponds - Kevin Hyland

North -West Tasmania is home to many unique and awe-inspiring things, and the Giant Freshwater Crayfish is most certainly one of them! Also known as the Giant Lobster, this prehistoric looking creature, with its huge snapping claws and black/blue, spiny armour, is the largest freshwater invertebrate in the world, and can only be found in the slow-moving, tannin stained streams of the region.