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Where the mighty waves have tangled tree trunks

The tiny historic mining town of Corinna sits at the southern end of the Tarkine - the largest temperate rainforest in Australia – and is the northern most point where the famous Huon pine grows. Corinna is the world beyond human memory and a way to experience nature in its most raw form. Listed below is what Corinna is famous for.

Corinna Cruise

The ultimate ‘eco-tourism experience’

At Corinna nature is the hero. Whether it’s gliding along the Pieman River in a 74 year-old huon pine vessel or exploring the sensitively placed walking tracks through the 65 million year old rainforest, the owners of the Corinna Wilderness Experience are committed to providing responsible access to a pristine environment. Corinna Wilderness Experience is one of few Australian tourism products to hold Advanced Accreditation under the Eco Tourism Australia rating system.

Corinna Wilderness Experience

Corinna - 'Heart of the Tarkine’

The Tarkine (named after the Tarkiner people who inhabited the region between 175 and 30,000 years ago) contains the largest temperate myrtle-beech rainforest in Australia. Corinna lies at the southern end of the Tarkine and provides an accessible starting point to connect with the many elements of the wilderness. Within the Tarkine, and immediately north of Corinna, is the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area, containing significant aboriginal cultural heritage, highly diverse ecosystems, spectacular coastal landscapes and breathtaking wilderness areas.